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The Hello World Programs

The Hello World Programs

The small programs that build the greatest applications and communities.

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Meet Rajesh Gor
·Sep 26, 2021·

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We all have written the hello world programs/applications, it feels really good to write on if you are a beginner, and why not it's definitely a great start. Hello, world applications are really quite simple in most cases to achieve, but it should be kind of an achievement to set up the environment and get up and running with a base application.

Hello, World!

Hello Wordl programs are the start of a far spread, opportunity-rich journey.

Hello, world programs are often the start of a big journey in programming. They can lead to quite an amazing journey and inspire you to do things that can change your destiny. But everyone forgets how it started. Just a few words but are enough to drive you for the next few decades.


Do you even remember which was your first program in this journey? You would definitely remember that, it is etched in a special place in your memory that is const. The excitement when you set up something successfully is second to none, why just silently push it down, its a great achievement, you must appreciate yourself.

People remember their first programming languages, the first program they wrote, and of course the first bug they fixed. But do they remember how far have they come? the process they used before and now? the mindset they had before and how that's changed now? Just appreciate yourself when in burnout or feeling overwhelmed with something.

How it started for you?

Well, it feels so exciting to learn about others journey and get inspiration from. Personally, I started my programming journey by misunderstanding the C Programming Language with Computer Programming Language. Literally, how stupid I was at that time, I blindly started learning it and did whatever NewBoston(Bucky Roberts Sir) told to, I did;\n't knew he might be a great teacher. Finally, after a few days, I realized I had started learning C XD. There I wrote my first program, I was unaware it was my start in of this big journey.

How's was your experience in starting in Porgramming journey? Did you face any problems or were you a hacker from childhood? I am curious to know about it!

Why no one shares it?

Really? Why? Does it feel inferior or not so important? It is a mindset that holds us back. How good would that feel when you look back from 2 years if you have really made most of your time, you would feel elated. It's not for anyone but it's just for you, if you do it, you have proof to yourself that yes I once started from here, look at me now I have learned so much, changed so much! Even if someone appreciates that moment, you have some more boost in your confidence in the early stages to continue pushing forward.

We can all agree to the fact that we want to build a large application that everybody uses and help someone. But didn't you care not to waste time in small victories? Or even these are considered as victories for you? People forget that they achieved so much in the process that it causes burnout at some point in time. Can this be a reason for it to happen? Maybe but often you definitely require breaks but why do it forcefully if you can celebrate small victories and continue the good work.

It's more than Hello World

Yes of course, just writing hello world and forgetting to code for a week makes no sense as it's just the beginning and there are a lot of things to be done by yourself. There will be people who do that, just boast about the hello world application they might have written and post it like they have made a million-dollar app, it's just a small victory just like an initial checkpoint, just appreciate it and move ahead.

It's not about the program itself, it's about the journey and efforts put into it.


Well, that was a long talk but that is just some thoughts of a 2-year old developer. Of course, I might be wrong, you might have different opinions, but that's just me, I can share some thoughts here right? I just wanted to say to some beginners that they have just started their journey and encourage to learn in public and express their initial process. Thanks if you for being here and reading it. Please share your thoughts on this.

Happy Coding :)

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